Location Studies

Office selection and placement are key factors in creating a space that will be relevant for years to come.  Chemistry in Place understands how important location selection is, and therefore performs long term studies to determine the best location for client offices. 

In a study for Quarles & Brady LLP's Milwaukee office, we evaluated possible relocation sites using quantitative and qualitative criteria to identify a 160,000 SF suite for a 15-year lease term. Using our information, we compiled a list of potential sites, established comparative criteria, reviewed sites for meeting specifications, weighed benefits, completed test fits and provided recommendations. 


Live Work Play

Known as a problem solver and creative thinker, while a principal at Kahler Slater Architects, Pat Algiers authored the unprecedented study, Live Work Play: a System to Identify Economic Opportunities. The study identified strategies to ignite growth in urban areas and caught the attention of publications including The New York Times, Kansas City Star, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, onMilwaukee.com, the Milwaukee Business Journal, and American Society of Interior Designer's ICON.

The principles behind Live Work Play have evolved over time with the advent of new technologies and innovations. Today, Chemistry in Place uses the evolved fundamentals of placemaking.  The team finds that a domino effect occurs when all players in a community embrace the spirit of creating spaces that offer individuals and families the services and amenities it needs to not only live, but also thrive and flourish. The team at Chemistry in Place link services and businesses together, offering residents the opportunity to find everything they need in the area where they live, work, and play.  Past projects utilizing the Live Work Play philosophy have demonstrated the ability to raise an area from one of mediocrity to major renaissance.