Duet Resource Group - Milwaukee


We worked with Duet Resource Group to freshen and update their website in order to create an up-to-date presence in their market place and to encourage their clients to use their website as a tool. The redesign brought the website to life, infused it with personality, presenting a clean and refreshing layout that is easy to navigate and appealing to the senses. In addition to revamping the website we worked with the existing logo and other marketing materials to update the look and feel to better associate with the group’s efforts. Explore the wide range of services that Duet offers.




Independent Care Health Plan


We worked with the “iCare Workplace Experience Committee” to:

•Develop the “look” of the space to be consistent with the iCare brand
•Create a “model” environment that would serve as a “showroom” for the landlord
•Create a sense of place through the identification of specific departments and areas
•Create “talking points” positioned strategically throughout the space so that message management occurs when tours are given
•Keep the enhancements consistent with the messages used by the marketing department
•Create a space that is fun, exciting, engaging, professional, and uniform, but interesting – one in which people would enjoy working in and visiting





Helen Bader Foundation


"The Helen Bader Foundation, Inc. strives to be a philanthropic leader in improving the quality of life of the diverse communities in which it serves. The Foundation makes grants, convenes partners, and shares knowledge to affect emerging issues in key areas.”

The Foundation was established in 1991. Since its inception, Pat has worked with the Foundation to mirror its brand through the design of the various spaces it has occupied. The nature of the Foundation and its response to the pressing needs of the communities it serves has evolved throughout the years. Consequently, its size, plan, look and feel have changed in accordance. Most recently, Pat has worked with the Foundation to refresh its look as it has updated its brand to correspond with its current key areas of activity.

The Foundation occupies the fourth floor of The Saddlery Building at 233 North Water Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Foundation chose this building due to the historic and open atmosphere of the brick-and-timber loft structure. The Foundation’s suite incorporated original brick walls, wood floor and exposed wood ceiling into its design.





Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) - Student Lounge


We worked with the MCW Student Lounge Design Committee to develop the project’s brand statement, “To give the Student Lounge spirit and ambiance reflective of student life outside of Medicine,” which became the mantra guiding the design of the environment. The lounge was subsequently transformed from a neutral space into a haven for students to escape the demands of medical school: a place to call their own and decompress.

The space was designed with a number of zones: one for leisurely watching sports, movies or CNN on the large screen; one for intense competition – ping pong, pool, and foosball; and one for quiet conversations, reading, or simply crashing.

The project was partially funded through the generosity of the MCW Class of 1972. The funds were used to add color in horizontal stripes to the perimeter walls, blow-up black & white photos taken from MCW archives - hanging them throughout the space in one the colorful striped bands, and leather lounge furniture in both the viewing and conversation zones. Tables and chairs were worked into the plan to create eating and cheerleading areas (ping pong tournaments attract a large and lively audience). A trophy case was designed into the plan to display the results of athletic efforts. Future plans call for gracing the walls with pendants from the undergraduate schools attended by the MCW students.