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Pat Algiers has been recognized as a CNU-Accredited member by the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) on the nomination of the University of Miami School of Architecture.

CNU established a professional accreditation program to recognize the talent within the New Urbanist movement for creating walkable, sustainable places. The purpose is to elevate the practice of the principles of the New Urbanism through professional accreditation and to develop the CNU Accreditation Program as the premier standard of professional excellence in the design of the built environment.

In addition, Pat Algiers is a licensed Wisconsin Real Estate Broker and Patricia S. Algiers & Associates, Inc. is a Real Estate Business Entity.


Project Management
Plan, organize and manage resources to successfully complete a project in accordance with its objectives.

Urban Placemaking
Study a district to understand its uniqueness and potential. Identify the elements and entities that differentiate it. Determine how it can authentically be enhanced to instill a consistent ambience that creates a sense of place and creates a lasting memory while providing an experience to those in the place.

Void Analysis
Review a district and identify the existing business and retail mix and prepare a list of businesses and retail establishments that are lacking in the district.

Location Studies
Location and space matter. Determine the “who, what, when” of the company brand and marketplace. Advise on best geographic location for the client to grow its business, attract and retain top talent and foster organic exposure of the business through its location.

Site Selection
Compile list of potential sites. Establish comparative criteria. Review sites per criteria selected. Prepare test fits, cross compare and provide recommendations.

Master Plan Coordination
Review elements of a master plan in terms of how each element relates to one another and the master plan at large.

Enthnographic/GIS Mapping
Study geographic areas in light of demographics, culture, population groups and trend data related to change in usage or residency. Utilize mapping systems to analyze census population, traffic patterns and property assessment data and develop customized mapping solutions and projections.

Visioning Sessions
Facilitate sessions to brainstorm, generate enthusiasm, and foster creativity for stakeholders. Develop action plan based on input from visioning sessions.

Business Transformation & Identity Strategy
Conduct an analysis of a business within a district to develop a strategy for repositioning brand in the marketplace.

Business Recruiting & Retention Strategy
Create a plan for recruitment and retention, which addresses businesses, services and retail mix; location timeline and specific goals.

Interviews & Analysis
Interview stakeholders to understand goals and concerns. Analyze information secured in interviews to generate ideas and find commonalities.

Request for Information (RFI), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Request for Proposals (RFP)
Create documents by gathering pertinent information related to services requested by a municipality or other entity.


Pat Algiers is a member of the Shorewood Business Improvement District (BID) board. The BID board is working diligently to continue the efforts underway to add vibrancy to the central business district of the Shorewood community. A map has been created to help shoppers locate services and products in the village.